The Company

Skills, Passion, Determination and Love for HVAC

Long before the nowadays obvious climate change in Macedonia, in 1989 there was a man Todor Kitancev who had a feel of necessity for air conditioners in our market. As a pioneer of this reselling nad installing HVAC industry in Macedonia , he started this family owned company MEPRING for design, sells and installation of HVAC systems, and at that time represented one of the biggest HVAC brands in the world Carrier. Developing  skills, passion, determination and Love for HVAC is what led us throughout the years when in 1997 his daughters formed the daughter-company AIRCON and continued this vision of leading the market with delivering a high-quality products and services to its customers.  From a marketing standpoint of view, rather then selling specific products, we often sell our capabilities. And from a competitive advantage perspective, these processes help us follow a differentiation strategy. 

In order to fulfill our vision we have undertaken official sole distributorship and services of  brands that are in persuit for same core values as ours. 

Direct Expansion Air conditioning systems from TOSHIBA - being comfortable and responsible.  The core of Toshiba's philosophy lies in its deep respect toward our environment and its passionate pursuit to improve its customers' quality of life all around the world.  A new chapter of Toshiba Air Conditioning was begun in 1999, when during its course of further worldwide expansion, Toshiba entered into a joint venture with the American giant Carrier, the original inventor and largest producer of air conditioners.    
Blue Box - Air with Care.  They are one of the best players in the air conditioning field with ability to offer innovative and customized technical system solutions for hydronic systems and high precision airconditioning, too. Blue Box, nowadays as part  of the Swegon group, opens its story back  in 1986 as specialized in the production of air conditioning plants for large spaces and being the first in Italy to realize the benefit of chillers destined to leave a mark on the entire industry. 

WOLF - the competence brand for energy saving systems. Their aim is to offer safe and reliable products, and then to do just a little bit more. Their products have been awarded design prizes. For more then 40years Wolf has been one of Europe's leading companies in air-conditioning and ventilation - boilers, air handling units, solar, cogeneration plants and much more.

Supply Chain Management  SCM that we follow aims economically efficient acquisition of production and other resources to develop an optimal offering in terms of value creation for customers. There are two types of SCM software in use: planning applications, that use advanced algorithms to determine the best way to fill an order; execution applications, that track the physical status of goods, the management of materials, and financial information involving all parties.
We are a part of some SCM applications with our suppliers,and they are based on open data models. By sharing this data down, with suppliers’ client, and upstream, with suppliers’ supplier, SCM have the potential and are improving the time-to-market the products, reduce costs and allow all parties of the supply chain to better manage current resources and plan for future needs. Increasing number of  our suppliers are turning to Web sites and Web-based applications as part of SCM solution. 

Do it once, do it right

AIRCON is engineering company whose main activities are based on overtaking complete engineering in construction, HVAC and HVAC control phase. 
Our expertise covers all the segments of the market, with an extra focus on systems sales, by this being able to offer turn-key projects and one-stop shop to our customers.

We have already acknowledged that Aircon can only function successfully in the longer term if its members subscribe to a common set of values and if its governing bodies subscribe to generally valid rules, common standards of business practice and good governance. The highest percentage of our personnel is high-educated mechanical and electrical engineers and technicians, specialized in the field of HVAC.
In order to fulfill our goal - customer dedicated and passionate expert team of sales, installation, customer support and after sales, we give our best to secure that the team members get the possibility to be educated, trained, up-to date with technological trends and familiarized with the “best practices” of the company at continuous trainings organized at our Principals and in our own facilities. The team members are the locomotive that powers the AIRCON train. It is our strong will and belief that the customers, as our passangers throughout the process of selecting HVAC system for their use, with Aircon can experience smooth journey of design, implementation and continuous follow up of the performances of the chosen system that will exceed their service quality expectations.

Take care of Mother Earth

We are devoted to meeting the needs of the consumers in receiving integral solution for their HVAC system application, but also developing their future needs by advising them on the consumer’s demand of today and tomorrow together with the emerging environmental changes and technological inventions and on time achievement of the target goals.  
We strive to improve our performance through implementation of our sustainable development and environmental policies.

The implementation of ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards and certification is just a home land starter for our understanding of sustainability as acting in the best interest of coming generations – with respect to the economy, the environment and society. 
We give emphasis on protecting the environment and underscore our commitment to making careful use of natural resources, to minimizing the impact on the environment  and avoiding pollution entirely wth the products and services offered.

Our activities in the area of Corporate Citizenship focus on supporting education and initiatives that foster the development of young people, and  our social and charitable work in the communities in which we operate.

AIRCON as a company that takes care of the environment, greatly, is proud to announce that it is one of the founders of “Elkolekt” - a non for profit organisation with the primary goal, collection and disposal of electric, electronic and battery waste. The primary objective of Elkolekt is to establish a functioning system that will deal responsibly with the electric and electronic waste as well as with waste batteries. Elkolekt will do this in a environmentally friendly manner and by doing it, this way, it will provide the people of Macedonia, cleaner and sustainable environment.

Our activities in this area focus on Generation 21, our programme for supporting education and iniatives that foster the development of young people, and Caring Hands, our social and charitable work in the communities in which we operate.