The competence

We have established an image of ourselves as highly specialized company in  the  field  of  HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning). The main activities are based on overtaking complete engineering in building construction, HVAC and HVAC control phase, meaning:
  • - designing  project  documentation
  • - supplying  the  equipment  from  its  principals’  production  range
  • - installation  and  start  up  of  the  equipment
  • - installation  of  the  complete  field  installations
  • - regulation  of  the  HVAC  process  with  equipment  for  automatic  regulation
  • - BMS  systems, complete  management  and  monitoring  from  one  place  of  all  the  systems  in  one  building : lights, fire, AC, ...
  • - supervising  HVAC contractual  activities
  • - consultant  services

For this purpose we have aligned our activities with the amendments and the up-to-date Building Law and accordingly we hold the appropriate Licence B for construction and installation, together with Licence A for design. 
As we tend to develop our human potential and intellectual property, we give our engineers continuous training opportunities and the team leaders of different processes within the company (design, sales, installation)  hold Authorisation A and/or B for construction works, design, supervision and auditing for building construction phase mechanical and electrical engineering.

The flow structure of the process used to make or deliver products or services within the company impacts facility layout, resources technology decisions and work methods. We have defined the primary determinants for our optimal process to be the product variety and volume, followed by the amount of capital that we are willing or able to invest at certain point, and, also, the local economies (labor, energy, equipment, transportation).  

Given the fact that our existence and growth are based on the premise of standardized high-quality work we are one of the first in the industry in Macedonia who has received  ISO 9001: 2015 quality certificate, but also,aligned its complete operations and environmental management system to ISO 14001: 2015, issued by the prestigeous British Standards Institution.


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