We see it like this, rather then selling specific products, we tend to sell our capabilities.

Photography courtesy of Toshiba and Aircon DOO.



From small, modest and cozy apartments and houses in the outskirts to the most over the top houses and penthouses, we done them all.  



The high precision and reliability of Blue Box close control units bring you Datacenter to the highest level of system efficiency with tailored solutions carried by experience and knowledge of the customer’s pain.


What we always said will be the future in Heating and Cooling, it is available now, in the present. ESTIA is the most comfortable and energy efficient way to upgrade your home. 


We helped businesses grow, prosper and keep cool or warm. We did it using custom technology and solutions for businesses but foremost for people. 

Warm, cool and well ventilated solution for a boutique Gym 


When young enterpreneures come to you with a clear and precise demand, what do you do? Deliver, of course. We delivered well indeed.


A Bank that wants to lead an ECO evolution 


Once in a while a client comes with the desire and willingness to push us and go through all the details that make up a full HVAC solution. The challenge.

Here you can read about the whole project from the architects. What were the demands, how they developed the concepts: flexibility, availability and openness.

The solution:

  • Installed 213kW nominal cooling capacity
  • 11 outdoor units
  • 113 indoor units


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Aircon Procredit Skopje15.jpg
Aircon Procredit Skopje5.jpg

Multi-storey carpark with a twist 


This project had the potential to be a great landmark for our City, we believed that it would become a nice eye stopper. Not every car park has the power to make you observe. We are proud that we did the complete HVAC solution and later the structure received an award for architecture. To read more about the building and the award head over here.


Agency for electronic communications


This project had it's own specifics as we had to develop a complete solution for all the HVAC needs of a modern and multi-demand building. This was the challenge.

The solution:

  • So many m3 of hot sanitary water
  • BMS
  • High precision air conditionoing units 

EVN Data Center


EVN the company that has power distribution and supply on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia as its primary activity. Needed a reliable and state of the art solution for their new data center. We delivered high precision solution for them, so all the data can be kept cool and available. The challenge.

The solution:

  • 8 high precision airconditioning units for the data requirement
Photo 8-14-17, 08 45 53.jpg

MEPSO (Electricity Transmission System Operator of Macedonia)


The biggest HVAC project in Macedonia to date. We did it in two stages because of the grandeur of the project. We did a completely new HVAC solution for the client. The challenge.

The solution:

  • More than 1300 kW capacity - the biggest project in East Europe. Yey
  • Over 400 indoor units, again yey

Headquarters VIP operator


We will not use all capital letters in to shout out loud, we will go just slightly bold. The biggest VRF project in Central Eastern Europe. Project so big that we had to use the biggest crane in Macedonia. All this said and done, we think speaks enough about the complexity and the grandeur of the HVAC challenge. Our solution aims to improve the Team spirit, the system as a whole is Reliable and Agile - these are in line with the vision of the client and with their core values. The HVAC solution is for business, but it's aimed at the people, foremost. 

The solution:

  • Total installed capacity is 926 kW.
  • Total of 296 indoor units.